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Having Courage and Kindness

Today I posted a blog on the National Association of Christian Women Leaders. It’s an article about what it looks like to have courage and kindness in a meaningful way. As one of the Contributing Authors for the NACWL, I get the opportunity to help encourage women, grow leaders, and fight injustice in the best […]

Throwback Thursday

If you’ve been seeing the #TBT around social media, you’re witnessing the “Throwback Thursday” phenomenon. Awesome hair-dos, amazing music videos, and “do you remember when?” memes make us laugh. Turns out, Friday isn’t the only fun day after all. On Thursdays you can bust out the pictures from decades ago of yourself (and unsuspecting friends) […]

Guilt-Free Holiday

Happy Holidays! If there’s one thing we all want during the holidays, it’s probably that we can have fun with those we love, enjoy the kind of parties that we justify as being “just once a year”. Since it’s the type of fun that usually has a calorie count, there is always a precarious balance […]

Write A Book Online

Ever heard of something lovely called FastPencil.com? I stumbled upon it the other day when I was looking for some writing help. I keep hearing it everywhere that the smart professionals find a way to write a book to publish online. I figured, if I’m supposed to write a book to be published online, there […]

The Law Of Pain

I am currently in week 3 of the John Maxwell Plan for Personal Growth. Today’s assignment utilizes John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Today, The Law Of Pain The Law of Pain says that “Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth.” And what does good management look like? Good management […]